Who needs to register for PF?

Here are the criteria that decide whether your company needs PF registration or not:

• If your establishment employs 20 or more persons
• If your establishment falls under any of the 180 classes of business or industries specified by the Provident Fund Act.
• Any other establishment that the Central Government specifies by notification in the official gazette.
• Cooperative societies that employ the services of more than 50 persons and working without aid of power.

Provident Fund Registration requires various documents to be submitted while applying.

This includes:

• List of employees (at least 20) with their details including salaries, Date of Joining & Photographs.
• Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association with Certificate of Incorporation or partnership deed as applicable.
• Copy of the PAN card of the company
• Bank Certificate for existence of an account.
• A copy of VAT registration certificate if available
• A certificate of factory / shop and commercial establishment registration.
• DD/Cheque for One month advance contribution (Optional).
• First Sale bill / 3 work orders
• Rental agreement of Business