Service Tax is a tax levied on specific services providers and any entity offering services falling under service tax net (note that most of the services have now been brought under service tax net) and your turnover exceeds Rs 10 lakhs in a year. These service providers should get Service Tax registration and are required to pay Service Tax. The exemption of Rs. 10 lakhs is only a 1 time shelter and once you obtain the service tax registration, you need to pay service tax on each and every rupee of your turnover. Currently, export of services is exempted from service tax.

Documents Required for Service Tax registration, Bangalore:

Service Tax Registration for Companies:

• Certificate of Incorporation
• Board Resolution
• PAN of the Company
• Address & ID Proof of directors

Service Tax Registration for LLPs/Partnership firms:

• LLP agreement / Partnership Deed
• Certificate of Incorporation / firm Registration Certificate
• Authorisation Letter
• PAN of the LLP/Firm
• Address & ID Proof of Partners

Service Tax Registration for Proprietorship Concern:

• PAN of the Proprietor
• Address Proof of Proprietor

Persons Liable to Service Tax :

• Any provider of taxable service ,whose aggregate value of taxable service received in any financial year exceeds Rs.10,00,000/-
• An input service distributor. (Input service distributor means on office managing the business of manufacturer or producer of final products or provider of output services, which receives credit towards purchase of input services and issues invoice, bill or, challan for the purpose of distributing the credit of service tax paid)
• Service receivers as specified in sec 68 (2) of Finance Act.

Payment of Service Tax :

1. service tax will be payable on billing basis and not on ‘receipt of payment’ basis i.e. on accrual basis and not cash basis
2. Due dates for payment of service tax

Service provider Monthly/ Quarterly Due dates Due date for the March and Quarter ending March
and Firms 5th of the month following the
quarter ended June, Sep, Dec.. 31st March
Others 5th of the following month 31st March

3. If last date for paying tax is a public holiday, tax may be paid on the next working day.
4. Interest will be charged in case of delayed payment of service tax.

Filing Of Returns on Service Tax:

Due dates are as follows:

• 25th October for the half year ending 30th September.
• 25th April for the half year ending 31st March.