A company registered under the Companies Act has to maintain certain registers and are required to make necessary entries in it. These registers have to be kept at the registered office of the Company and should be made available for inspection to the shareholders of the Company.

A company seal is an official seal used by a company. Common Seal is a tool for placing a raised image (embossing) on a paper or card, showing your company name. The affixing of such an imprint, marks the significance of a legal document. Every company should register details of documents affixed with the company seal.

We at Sunshine Corporate Solution keep track of the need of the client based on typical business pattern and arrange corporate stationary at affordable prices. Following are the corporate Stationary required for a startup company registered in India.

• Common Seal
• Combined Statutory Register
• Printed MOA & AOA
• Corporate Minutes Binder
• Share certificates
• Pre-Inked Stamps / Seals
• Rubber Stamps / Seals